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About Greg

The fact that I am an artist was a bit of a surprise to me. I grew up as an athlete and played and/or coached college level football, tennis, boxing and baseball, spent a few years traveling the world in the air force and then settled down into a primary career in business.  I was very inspired by my high school art teacher who told me I was a talented artist and urged me to continue, but at that age art did not seem important or congruent with my big career goals.

I began to realize that all of my memories and perceptions of places and things involve a heightened awareness of color and light, and around 25 years ago I began exploring ways to transfer these perceptions onto canvas. With no formal training, my style is very free, fluid and dynamic.  I prefer larger brushes and often paint with my fingers. I don’t know where many of my pieces come from; they are rarely planned, but simply appear from an inspiration that is often subconscious.

More recently I have discovered the connection between my art and my spiritual path, and perhaps an understanding of what drives that subconscious inspiration, something much bigger than myself that is based in love.  In the words of the British Buddhist teacher and poet Sangharakshita, “Just as beauty is truth, and truth is beauty, the spiritual life and the artistic life are inextricably linked… both religion and art lead to an expansion of consciousness, a heightened state of awareness and understanding in which, ultimately, the limiting boundaries of ‘self’ no longer hold”.

My passion is in using my artistic gift to make the world a kinder, happier place in which people sense our connectedness with one another through a shared appreciation of beauty. Art surpasses all stereotypes and prejudices and illustrates our innate interconnectedness. Transforming spaces with emotionless white walls into special places characterized by color, joy, and playfulness is the way I share my most authentic spiritual love with the world.