“Greg, I want to thank you for my beautiful portrait that I cannot wait to get on the wall! My new painting looks like a scene that I remember from my trip to Paris so many years ago. You were not there at that moment in time, and it amazes me that your creativity and my memory could be so aligned. It was a hard decision to make on which portrait to choose because I love them all.  Your use of color and texture in your flower pieces is exquisite. If I had a bigger home I would surely have them displayed on every wall!!” – Kristi

“Greg, I was amazed at the transformation of my home with your paintings on the wall. Even though I didn’t paint them myself, I feel very personally connected to them as they truly represent my unique style and personality. You have the amazing gift of being able to capture my vision and somehow transfer it onto canvas. I see more in each painting and feel different emotions every time I look at them in different lights and times of day.  I am so grateful to be be surrounded by original beauty that I can share with everyone who enters the space. Thank you!” – Susan

“Greg, I wanted to share how I felt about your landscape portraits, the way you capture them is amazing.  The way they speak to me it really is like you are there in my  head looking at my memories. When I lived in California and even a lot of places I’ve traveled, they’re all so serene. As you know I had a lot of trouble picking my favorite one. There are so many that I love. Hopefully I can put together a collection over time!” – Kelly

“Greg, I had so much fun playing with what I call your “funky florals” and putting them together in groups on the wall. They are so fun and colorful and I love the chunky 3-dimensional aspect of the paint that makes them pop off the wall. Picking a few was the hard part but I love the way they look together and they turn a plain wall into an explosion of color and fun.” – Anon

“Greg, the sailboat painting is so pretty in my bedroom. The colors are so perfect with my decor and all my friends love it. I love the way you use unusual fun colors.” – Lily 

Greg, I love the pink and purple floral painting that my mom picked out for my bedroom, not many teenagers have an original painting on their walls and I feel very lucky and it makes my room looks so bright and cheerful. You are very talented. Thank you for making my room so special. – Isabel

“When we first went to the website and saw all the beautiful pieces, one of the abstract pieces captured our attention because it matched our home decor so perfectly. When it finally arrived it was even more perfect than we had imagined, and will be a permanent fixture in our home for years to come. Greg, thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent! We will certainly be sharing your work with others.” – The Harlow’s